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 Cardiac's review on woflenstein

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Call Of Duty 2: Captain
Call Of Duty 2: Captain

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PostSubject: Cardiac's review on woflenstein   Cardiac's review on woflenstein EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 2:08 pm

i got woflenstein of my friend today and installed it the graphics are good on my 6600gt and the game play is ok. it reminds me of Cod so much manly cause to throw a nand its G and you can cook nades and there is a star telling you where to go and also it needs to be a lot more smoother when turning around i had the sensitivity up full and it still was very jumpy and there is a small delay in the rego. i haven't played it much but this is what i got so far i will update my review if i play it again

Pros: graphics, game play, movies before the levels, nades blowing body parts up, in multiplayer you can use a 360 controller if you have one connected to your pc which i do (its my mic as well Razz)

Cons: rego, not smooth, zoom on weapons is to much, the futuristic story line (all tho that's what woflenstein is (futuristic + WW1/2 = bad combo) )

i would rate this game maybe a 5/10 manly on the face of the graphics on my GFX card

this is just what i think so don't take it so bad if you like the game

Cardiac's review on woflenstein Sigtry1copy

Cardiac's review on woflenstein Redsum
Cardiac's review on woflenstein Cardiac55

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Cardiac's review on woflenstein
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