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 Cardiacs FPS help

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Call Of Duty 2: Captain
Call Of Duty 2: Captain

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Cardiacs FPS help Empty
PostSubject: Cardiacs FPS help   Cardiacs FPS help EmptyWed Aug 19, 2009 3:54 pm

to get better FPS all i do is

/cg_drawfps 1 to view what i am on

then i go
Options Graphics and turn of sync FPS other ways it caps u on what u refresh rate is default is 60 i think
and then i do
/com_hunkmegs 512 (max u can do) all depends on what your ram is if u have 2GB plus do it if not i recommend you dont (for 1gig users u can try 512 coz its half of 1gig but try 1/4 if u want dont want to rise useing half your ram) (after do /reconnect or it wont work)
then i check my fps again by going
/com_maxfps 125

and if it is still to low i go to
graphics again and change my screen rezz to the lowest so i dont get the big ass black line down the side of my screen

and that gives me a lot more fps
after all that i change my texture settings around to see what i can get on my old pc i left them all on normal but now every thing is on extra
by doing this i can get 125 all the time on cod4 and 5 now coz be for i only get 40 below Neutral

and i hope this helps some people if you need more help feel free to xfire me on cardiac55

P.S 125 is good for distance in jumping and 333 is good for height

Cardiacs FPS help Sigtry1copy

Cardiacs FPS help Redsum
Cardiacs FPS help Cardiac55

NEW XFIRE ITS cardiac55
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Cardiacs FPS help
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